About Elvid

Considering everything that goes into a production, filmmaking can be an expensive craft. With all the manpower, sets, and often pricey gear involved, not even the simplest project is cost-free. At the same time, filmmaking is too important to be reserved for only a select few. If the cost of decent gear is so high that filmmakers without huge budgets can’t compete, something needs to change.

Elvid is committed to the belief that professional-quality filmmaking should be possible for everyone. That’s why we make video monitors and accessories that offer the features that filmmakers need at accessible prices. For our customers on a limited budget, that means offering great customer support and the features that really count. For working professionals, that means giving them the high-end feature sets they expect, minus the price inflation. Across all of our products, we’re working to make sure that filmmakers are empowered with great tools and a brand they can trust, so that no one is held back from pursuing their creative vision.